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Our mission is to provide safe, efficient public transit service in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).

Sun Van provides two types of paratransit services – ADA and Optional paratransit service. ADA service is the paratransit service required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Optional service is service that goes above and beyond what is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA Service Includes Trips Scheduled

  •  Within ¾-mile of the following routes:
    • Sun Tran regular routes (excludes express/commuter routes)
    • Sun Link Streetcar
    • Sun Shuttle Route 450 in Southeast Tucson
  •  That are provided during hours the above routes are in operation.

Optional Service Includes

  • Trips beyond the ¾-mile limit or beyond the hours of operation for nearby fixed route service for Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle Route 450
  • Same day requests
  • Will Call scheduling

Service Area

Sun Van is the complementary ADA paratransit service serving the Tucson Metropolitan area and portions of Pima County. The Sun Van service area includes areas within ¾-mile of all Sun Tran regular fixed routes, the Sun Link Streetcar, and Sun Shuttle Route 450 in Southeast Tucson. Sun Van reservationists will determine if requested destinations are outside the service area.

Trip origins and destinations must be within the Sun Van service area. To determine if your trip is within the service area, call Sun Van's Reservations Department at (520) 798-1000.

Outside the Service Area - Passengers can still use Sun Van, but it will be the responsibility of that passenger to get to and/or from the pick-up or drop-off point that is within the service area.

Sun Van Service Area Map

Service Times

Sun Van - ADA Paratransit Service operates on a daily schedule that is comparable to the fixed-route bus/rail service. For bus/rail schedules, go to

For more information, call Sun Van's Reservation Department at (520) 798-1000.